Open Healthy University Rating Systems (HURS) from August 15, 2022 to November 16, 2022

Mission Goal and Objectives

MISSION – Toward Better Health & Prosperity of ASEAN

  • To serve as a platform for ASEAN higher education institutions for collaboration among themselves and with other key stakeholders for the purpose of “Health Promotion” in the ASEAN region.
  • To share knowledge, skills, and resources among the network members to build capacity for health promotion and develop innovative solutions to common health challenges in the region.


  • Using health promotion as a unifying theme, nurture (through inter-professional education) strong collaboration among various health-care personnel in the ASEAN region.
  • Facilitate capacity building activities in the area of health promotion to reduce the capacity gap among ASEAN countries.
  • Facilitate exchange and mobility for students, university faculty staff and health-care professional for experiential learning and research collaboration on issues related to health promotion.
  • Work collaboratively toward empowerment of communities for good health in the region.
  • Advocate for relevant health policies on a regional scale related to health promotion.
  • Minimize the economic burden of health care for the region through health promotion.
  • Manage and raise funds to support network activities for sustainability


  • To create a discussion platform for stakeholders (policy-maker, health professionals, university students, communities, and other partners) involved in health promotion activities within the ASEAN region for intellectual exchange and experience-sharing on the successes, lesson-learned and good practices.
  • To document outcomes of current health promotion policies and practices being implemented by participating universities with a view to promoting effective health promotion policies and practices in cross-border collaboration among ASEAN universities.
  • To promote the roles of universities in health promotion, particularly on action-oriented policy that related to community and public health.
  • To proactively promote platforms for knowledge sharing in the area of health promotion.
  • To make recommendations for further development of the collaboration framework on interdisciplinary health promotion in the East Asian region.


  • Mahidol University is the convener of the AUN-HPN.
  • A steering committee is created within Mahidol University, chaired by the Preside, to provide policy direction to the program.
  • A technical working group is formed to be responsible for work planning and implementation of the AUN-HPN activities. •An International Advisory Committee (IAC) is appointed, which composes of representatives from 14 member universities.
  • The roles of the IAC: To advise the AUN-HPN on policy and technical issues related to health promotion within the ASEAN region.
    1. To support the mobilization of funds for AUN-HPN activities.
    2. To support member universities to increase engagement with the work of AUN-HPN.
    3. To facilitate introduction of agreed program and activities.
    4. To advocate for AUN-HPN.
    5. To monitor and evaluate AUN-HPN activities.